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Frequently Asked Questions
Ever since launching containership-info, your editors regularly receive questions from our site visitors concerning the container shipping business in general and the contents of this website in particular. We greatly appreciate your input and we encourage you to get in touch with us. However, we kindly ask you to help us by reading our f.a.q. section before e-mailing any questions and requests to us. 


Question:  Is containership-info a company and is this a commercial website?

Answer:  No. Containership-Info is a non-commerical project. We do not earn any money with this website.

Question:  Can you provide vessel information for all ships in one Excel-file or any other data-base or spreadsheet format?

Answer:  Sadly we cannot provide any data in an excel format or indeed any other data-base format. The reason therefore is that we ourselves depend on the help of many information contributers like "industry insiders", "shipping analysts", etc. These people help us to gather all the (hopefully) complete vessel data. We have agreed with many of those that we will not publish our complete data base in any other way than a printable pdf. This is a deliberate measure to prevent abuse and random copying of the entire data base.  However: We are always interested in exchanging views with people in the industry or economic / technological sciences - Thus, feel free to contact us, if you'd like to discuss a certain question.

Question:  Do you sell prints of your ship photos and/or to you sell image copyrights for use in books, brochures, and advertisements or on commercial websites?

Answer:  Please note that, even though we are hosting the vessel images in our galleries, the editors of containership-info are not necessarily the copyright holders of a specific photograph.  Anyone interested in using photos from this website for any other purpose than storage on his or her computer or printouts for non-commercial use will thus have to ask permission from the individual copyright holder. The photographer and copyright holder is credited on each of the photos. Most of our photographers will be happy to provide you with printable high-resolution files of their pictures at request. Please use the e-mail address or the website (which will include contact details) mentioned in the image copyright tag to contact the photographer. In some cases, no contact details are provided. This means the copyright holder is not interested in trading, selling and / or giving away photos or photo copyrights. Generally, this website is a non-commercial project. It is neither your editors’ nor most of our contributers’ intention to sell photos for money on a professional level. Many of our photographers will provide images for free, others might ask for their expenses to be covered or charge a standard fee. Please note that any sale or free transfer of copyrights and/ or image files is strictly to be arranged or negotiated between the image copyright holder and the party interested in acquiring the photo(s).

Question:  Who are you and what do you do for a living?

Answer:  This website is edited by Jan Svendsen and Jan Tiedemann. The photo gallery is managed by your editors and by Boris Paulien.

Jan Svendsen: Originally from Denmark, Mr. Svendsen is a civil engineer who lives in Cologne, Germany. He is working in the automotive sector. Mr Svendsen regularly travels to Hong Kong and visits various North European ports to take photographs . 

Jan Tiedemann:  Mr. Tiedemann is a German national who lives in Paris, France. Originally from Hamburg, he regularly travels back to his hometown to take ship photographs in the port and along the river Elbe. Mr. Tiedemann works as a shipping analyst and researcher with a ship broker and an affiliated maritime intelligence and communications company.

Boris Paulien: Mr. Paulien joined the team soon after the website’s launch. Originally from Lubeck, he is presently located at Hamburg, Germany where he works for a local rail transport provider. Mr. Paulien regularly travels Northern Europe and takes images at Hamburg, along the Elbe and Kiel Canal, at Rotterdam and on the river Scheldt.

Question:  Why don’t you answer our e-mails?

Answer:  Usually, your editors reply to e-mail requests within short notice. We encourage our users to get in touch with us and to share any useful new information concerning the container shipping industry. We also encourage you to e-mail in any questions you might have. However: Occasionally we get flooded with requests and our limited free time does not allow us to reply to every individual e-mail. Usually we try, but please do not take it personally of your message got overlooked. Please help us and carefully read this FAQ-section as well as our ‘notes for contributers pdf’, before turning to us with your question. Maybe we already answered your request somewhere on these pages - so please take a minute to check.

Question:   Why does it take so long for updates I sent in to appear online?

Answer:  Containership-Info does not use a PHP/mySQL-based online content management system. Your editors instead keep an offline database to store, update and maintain vessel information. Any relevant updates and corrections users send in will first be fed into our offline data base. Every once in a while, roughly once per month, we semi-automatically generate static html-files from that data base and upload them onto our server. Subsequently, there is a time leg of up to one month between data base updates and updates of our online content.

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